Social Profile Setup | $175 investment

Social media is not just one platform — no newsflash there. Your audience is spread out across several networks and you need to go where your people are. If you require a little help to diversify your social media presence, we'd be happy to set up one business profile and stock it with starter content. This is a curated collection of posts that get your profile ready to be seen. Because no one wants to follow a blank page, right?  

Social Setup includes:

  • 30 minute strategy call
  • set-up or brush up 1 social media profile
  • brand collateral installed (or stock collateral generated if needed)
  • 15+ pieces of curated content fed to page

Social Weekender | $250 investment

You've got weekend plans that include a refreshing mimosa fountain and possibly an exciting day trip on the horizon. But the optimal posting times for Instagram are tugging you out of the moment over and over again, all weekend long.

With our Weekender service, you can lay in bed lazily scrolling while we take care of the pre-coffee posting.  

Note: perfect for adding to social media packages

Social Media Weekender includes:

  • 30 minute strategy call
  • 8 posts per month (weekends) optimized for audience

Digital Training | $350 investment

Social media can be an inspiring place if you know your way around the internets. But some people just aren't as tech savvy as others and that is perfectly alright. If you'd like a tour guide to show you the ropes within the digital landscape, we'd be happy to walk you through it.

We offer 1:1 tutorials for Instagram, Facebook (including groups and business pages), Pinterest, Twitter, and more. If it's trending, we can help you run with it.  

Digital Training includes:

  • comprehensive tutorial for 1 platform
  • 30 minute strategy call
  • two 1-hour training sessions
  • email access for 1 month
  • strategic action map (pdf)