Social media packages are monthly investments with a 3 month commitment that help your brand present itself in a polished and approachable manner. 

Running a business and maintaining a strong social media presence at the same time can be daunting. But it is also necessary to keep growing.  Let us help you discover your tribe and find out how effortless building an online presence can really be.


  1. Brand Audit & Questionnaire
  2. Pinterest Inspiration Board
  3. Mood Board Creation


  1. Strategy Meeting
  2. Define Project Goals
  3. Market Positioning Research


  1. Content Creation
  2. Tweak & Perfect
  3. Content Calendar


The mood board is a visual tool made of images or graphics and compiled to evoke a particular style concept.  It is also a place to go back to for brand inspiration again and again.


If you don't know what's working, then you don't know how to improve.  Our weekly reports help us see what to develop and what to kick to the curb.


Using insightful questions about your journey, your calling, & a-ha moments, we piece together a telling picture of who you are in a way that truly entices your tribe.

weekly check-ins

We take time to review and asses our efforts on a weekly basis.  We also tweak some facets of the project as needed until full optimization is happening.

Targeted Hashtag List

Hashtags are the secret sauce of a far reaching social media campaign.  We dig deep to find tags that serve your industry and offerings well.  With good research and experience, we find help discover your people.

optimized posting schedule

We make sure your carefully curated content is posted at the right time for your audience.  The Citrine Package receives one post every weekday on a single platform.  

content calendar

Content marketing is the way of the future.  Don't get left behind by forgetting to develop your own valuable content. We help you do so in a way that meets your big goals. 


this package receives everything in the basic citrine package plus the following: 

double the posts

If one is good then two must be better!  The Aquamarine Package receives two post every weekday on any two platforms.  

50+ follow & engage actions

Good engagement on your account requires good engagement from you account.  We source interesting accounts and engage in an authentic way with your brand voice. 

branded graphics

Branded templates keep feeds cohesive and are perfect for quotes, testimonials, and blog announcements.  We create two just for your brand and use them as backdrops for the above.

exclusive content creation

To stand out from the crowd, you need content that is exclusive to your brand.  We take your aesthetic and design and/or shoot twelve pieces of unique content just for you!

this package receives everything in citrine and aquamarine plus the following:

triple the posts

If two is better then three must be perfection!  The Emerald Package receives three post every weekday on any three platforms AND includes one weekend post a day. 

double the engagement

We source interesting accounts and engage in an authentic way with your brand voice for double the interaction.  We do this with likes, hashtag searches, and genuine comments. 

5 day branded challenge

Challenges are a wildly effective way to get your brand out in front of people (and to build an email list!).  We brainstorm, design, and implement them so you don't have to.  

competitive analysis

We take five of your closest competitors and do the dirty work on your behalf.  Then we craft a great spiel on what sets your incredible business apart from the competition. 

à la carte items are one time investments and can be added to any package. 


DIGITAL training  

We offer 1:1 tutorials for Instagram, Facebook (including groups and business pages), Pinterest, Twitter, and more. If it's trending, we can help you run with it.  


Is this really life? Now you can lay in bed lazily scrolling while we take care of your pre-coffee posting on weekend mornings.  Don't lose your weekend views - just hire out help!


Overwhelmed on how to start? Let us set up your business profile and stock it with starter content so your profile is ready to be seen. Because no one wants to follow a blank page, right?  

If you have taken the time to pour your heart into your brand, embrace the next step and commission a fresh set of eyes to help you speak a language your customers can understand. LET MODERN CHRYSTAL RESTYLE YOUR BRAND TODAY.