Mood Board | Modern Chrystal

I've always admired mood boards because they're full of two of my favorite things in design; texture and color play.  So when it was time to sit down and craft my own brand for Modern Chrystal, I was obviously excited to get started.  

Some people choose a color palate that is already coordinated.  And that is fine because there are endless opportunities for interpretation when design is the name of the game.  I usually come to the table with a color or two in mind and then begin pulling my images from there.  

The hardest part for my own board was selecting only a handful of images that fully represented my vision for the brand.  As someone that has many interests and often contradictory aesthetic preferences, I find it difficult at times to settle on only a few visuals for myself.  It is one thing to do the job for a client but an entirely different experience shaping a brand as the designer for myself. 

As you can probably tell, I like images with depth and gradients of color and facets. Just being true to my name and all.  

Take a look and comment below with what adjectives you would use to describe my brand by the mood board.